About Us

The “Fish and Natural History Museum of Vestmannaeyjar” was opened in 1964 and is the oldest museum of its kind in the country. The museum was run by the town of Vestmannaeyjar until January 2010 when the Research Center of Vestmannaeyjar took over the management. It is now simply called “The Aquarium.”
A booklet about the Aquarium in PDF form can be found here.
There are plans for the near future to significantly enlarge the Aquarium and then collaborate with the institution and scientists at the Research Center to work on ocean biology research.
Aquarium office, ph: +354 481 1997
gsm: +354 863 8228
e-mail: saeheimar@setur.is
Information pertaining to the companies that compromise the Research Center can be found on the website: http://www.setur.is
To reach the main-desk telephone call: + 354 481 1111